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The requirements for OHSA (Occupational Health and Safety Act,1993) compliance is a challenge for many organisations as it involves ongoing attention and time by the appointed safety team which can impact on productivity. Compliance requires a comprehensive administrative process whereby all safety policies, assessments and corrective actions need to be documented and recorded for a minimum of three years. More often or not, the time needed to do this accurately proves far too much.  At minimum, an organization needs to appointment a couple of staff members tasked with OHS and hold at least one monthly safety meeting in order to the approved standard of safety management. This situation can be potentially hazardous to an organizations safety.

What  does Hemisphere EPC offer?

Safety support services.

Our safety support services assist an organisation from a safety process point of view. The nature of the support services range from the implementation of a comprehensive self regulating administrative system including but not limited to  documents and procedures to specific process management i.e. Contractor management, Inspections and facilitation of safety team meetings.

We offer the following Safety Solutions:

Full implementation of a comprehensive safety management program

  • Contractor management
  • Risk management
  • Portable Electric tool management
  • Ladder safety management
  • Incident investigation
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE Management)
  • Emergency Equipment resource management
  • Health and safety meeting Facilitation.

Implementation of OHSA management  program


  • Appointment and presentation to CEO / MD and 16.2 ( Assignee of safety)
  • Safety representatives nomination and election
  • Appointment of safety committee and safety representatives
  • Appointment of additional safety managers
  • Safety Administration files

Safety inspection documentation

  • All safety inspection documentation required by the organisation is generated in accordance with your organisations specific safety concerns.
  • Safety inspection documentation training for safety representatives


  • Portable electric tool registers
  • Ladder registers
  • Risk registers
  • Incident registers

General OHS Policy

  • Policy statement
  • Specific policy and procedures for OHSA safety management
  • Training policy
  • Fire prevention policy
  • Contractor policy

Risk Management

  • Work Task assessment
  • Safe work Procedures
  • General risk assessment
  • Employee safety training schedules

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Management

  • PPE Assessment
  • PPE  Management Training ( Committee members / HOD’s)
  • PPE Register Administration policy and procedure

Incident investigation

  • Investigation record documentation
  • DOL documentation
  • Incident Registers

OHSA Safety Management Training for all Safety team members

Specific Safety management Processes:

Contractor management

  • Registers
  • Contractor Training Schedule
  • HOT work Policy and procedures
  • Contractor agreements
  • Contractor certification
  • Contractor management presentation / Training.

Risk management:

  • Risk identification and mitigation training
  • Risk assessment policy and procedure
  • Risk assessment documentation
  • Risk registers

Portable electrical tool safety

  • Portable electric tool training
  • Implementation of portable electric tool registers

Ladder safety

  • Ladder safety regulation training
  • Implementation of ladder registers

Incident investigation

  • Incident  type and investigation training
  • Incident report documentation
  • Incident registers

Personal Protection Equipment ( PPE)

  • PPE  Management Training
  • PPE assessment
  • PPE Issue
  • PPE Registers

Emergency equipment and resource management

  • Fire equipment inspections
  • First aid kit inspections
  • Emergency equipment policy and procedures

Safety Meeting Facilitation ( Minimum every 3 months)

  • Collation of safety representative reports on a monthly basis electronically
  • Review all risk assessments
  • Facilitate meeting
    • Safety reporting report
    • Risk assessments
    • Incident reports
    • Training requirements
    • Update Risk and Incident registers
  • Safety report including minutes to the organisations nominated representative



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