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Fire prevention and management is the ongoing process of maintaining the fire protection and prevention systems within the organisation in order to identify,reduce or mitigate the impact a fire may have. This consulting service is tailored to the organisations specific needs. This includes;

  1. Drafting and implementation of an organisation of safety and accountability within the organisation which includes the appointment of fire marshals and a responsible person.
  2. Drafting and implementing a platform to support the ongoing identification, assessment and mitigation of fire risks.
  3. Implementing a fire defence strategy for fire incidents within the premises.
  4. Drafting safety manuals and procedures to support the safety management process and response.
  5. Advice on specific concerns pertaining to the organisations risk profile.

Consultant requirements:

  1. Current emergency procedure documentation
  2. Current organisation of safety documentation
  3. Certification / training records of emergency marshals

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