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Not all fires can be prevented and the potential impact can be catastrophic regardless of the size or nature of the business. Our objective is to reduce the impact this could have by effective FIRE SAFETY MANAGEMENT. Hemisphere offers a range of fire consulting services to address this concern these include;

  1. Fire risk assessment
  2. Fire Compliance Assessment
  3. Fire Prevention and Management
  4. Fire protection planning, design and submission

1. Fire Risk Assessment: FRA
A  detailed fire risk assessment will address specific and or general concerns relating to fire risks in the day -to-day operations within the organisation. This will apply to process, manufacturing, policies and management policies pertaining to the identified risks.

2. Fire Compliance Assessment: FCA
A fire compliance assessment will assess the compliance of the organisations fire protection systems including all manual, and automatic fire systems onsite.
This assessment includes the review of equipment and system certification and management processes thereof.

3. Fire Prevention Management: FPM
Fire prevention policy and procedure is a critical  component of the organisations fire defence strategy which involves multiple aspects with in the organisations structure. Our consultant will provide the organisations with a tailor made process which will address both fire prevention, equipment management, organisation of safety and fire action strategy.

4. Fire Protection Planning, Design and Submission: FPP
All new buildings and building additions are required to submit fire protection plans to the local authority, Municipality Fire Safety Department. Our consulting team will facilitate the generation and submission of these plans to the relevant authorities.



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