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What is a fire plan?

A fire plan is a building plan with fire notes and diagrams of the fire protection system pertaining to that building or part thereof. It includes detailed information about the fire safety elements compiled by a competent person in accordance with “deemed to satisfy” requirements of SANS 10400-T and SANS 10400-W.

Who requires a fire plan?

A fire plan must be submitted to the local authority under the following circumstances:
1. New Buildings
2. Structural changes made to an existing building.
3. Change of building occupancy .e.g. Changing an office to a place of entertainment.

Any organization applying for certification by:

1. Department of social welfare, care homes, clinics, orphanages
2. Controlling liquor authority night clubs , bars

All event organisers must submit a fire plan of the event area.

Why are fire plans submitted?

Fire plans are submitted to ensure your building is legally compliant as laid out by:
1. The South African National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act, 1977
2. The Occupational Health and safety Act, 1993

Fire plans satisfy the local authority that due diligence has been adhered to pertaining to the safety of all building occupants.

What happens if your building is not legally compliant?

  • Should a fire occur, insurers have the right to deny claims for damages incurred
  • An organization can be held civilly liable for any loss of life or damages
  • Local Authorities have the right to shut down any organization that does not comply with the local by-law requirements

What does Hemisphere EPC offer?

Hemisphere EPC offers the following services:

  • Drafting of Fire protection documentation including drafting of building plans.
  • Drafting fire protection plans with architectural organisations

Submission of fire plans to the local authorities, Gauteng and Western Cape.

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