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Fire Compliance in terms of the National Building Regulations, NBR’s, must include demonstrable adherence to the prescribed regulations located in South African National Standard 10400-T , The application of the national building regulations Part T - Fire protection. This assessment involves identification of applicable legislation in respect to the buildings risk profile and then assessing compliance in terms of but not limited to;

  1. The approved building plans and deviations or alterations that could adversely affect compliance to the National Building Regulations.
  2. Review of local authority fire safety By-Laws
  3. Collation of all required certification and documentation concerning fire protection systems on the premises.
  4. A review of fire safety requirements in terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, OHSA and relevant regulations.

Consultant requirements:

  1. Access and copies to all required fire system certification
  2. Access to latest approved fire plan for the premises .
  3. Permission for photography
  4. Notification by client in writing pertaining to any PPE requirements ( Prior to assessment)
  5. Access to  all areas


All elements noted within the Fire Compliance Assessment report are supported with reference to the relevant standards and Acts and include a corrective action plan to achieve legal compliance

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